has whittled the hopefuls down to a lucky seven. Tonight they whittle down their clothing to next to nothing. That's right folks, it's naked time!

The photo shoot challenge has the models each picking one accessory – which they find out will be their only article of clothing. I am just grateful Mountaha is not allowed to pick the scarf she has tied around her head. Seriously, can that trend just die? Absolutely no one looks good with a forehead accessory.

The strangest part of the segment -and given that it also contains genital bleeding, this says a lot – is Amanda telling us that she doesn't want her son to be gay, so she's naked around him all the time. The obvious Oedipal complex issues aside, what is she doing to prevent him from being completely ignorant? Amanda, sweetie, people don't choose to be gay or become gay based on sexual repression. Your son cannot catch 'the gay' nor can you stop him from being gay if that is what he is. You wandering around the house naked will only make him embarrassed as he gets older – especially since you announced it on television.

The models all manage to fake being comfortable naked in a roomful of people who are all focused on them well enough to get some really beautiful shots. Sandhurst's athleticism is truly impressive as he manages to hold poses that seem to defy gravity. Salome jokes that she is going to hell but is remarkably comfortable with herself despite all the criticism she has receive for being "big". Amanda struggles with not looking too hard or too sexy while the photographer thinks the first shot he takes of Jordan is perfect – but neither I nor the judges agree.

Salome wins and picks Jordan to accompany her to the go see in the hopes that the company will want curves. Unfortunately, the company is a modern design furniture outfit that doesn't seem to want dynamic models at all and neither girl gets the gig. Back at the house, Branden cries over his homesickness while Jonathan receives a phone call from his wife informing him that they can't afford to pay their rent without his income. Amanda, Branden and Sandhurst gossip about the girls on the go see and Jordan informs us that she has drama radar and knows they were being discussed. I surmise that she has said radar because it's usually her instigating the drama.

The catwalk challenge is about models as living art pieces. While wearing ridiculously colored and super tight clothes, the models also wear a giant globe filled with butterflies on their heads. Sandhurst fights back laughter as the butterflies tickle his face, while Amanda has too much wiggle and Salome has too much wobble. Branden is so nervous that he fogs up the bubble and Jordan complains about the globe being too big and her shoes too small.

The judges tell Jordan she's fading fast and Jonathan that he's playing it too safe, but they are no in danger of being send home yet. In danger is Amanda – who they deem forgettable – and Branden – who lost his confidence when they chided his ego. Sandhurst wins the evening while Amanda is sent home. I am guessing that Branden will be the next to go, but honestly I still have Jonathan pegged as the winner with Sandhurst a close second. What are your predictions?

Posted by:Jessica Paff