There are 13 model hopefuls left on Make Me A Supermodel. Who will be the unlucky one this week? Us, most likely.

Tyson is away in London at the top of the hour, and it turns out that the two hopefuls who do best in the photoshoot challenge will also be taking a trip. Not to London, but to Montreal, to a go see to walk in fashion week. They all pack their bags and arrive at the studio to find out that they will be working with mirrors and their own emotions. We learn a bit more about some of them, like Jonathan recently lost a friend, Sandhurst is self conscious about keloid scars from his teenage acne and Gabriel didn't cry when his dad passed away because he never really dealt with it.  And Branden doesn't know where Montreal is.

The best part of the photoshoot segment is when Kerryn is hanging out off set with the other hopefuls and grabs Colin's crotch too see if it makes the virgin nervous. And a moment later they have her holding a mirrored ball for her photoshoot. Gosh, those producers are clever. Less clever is Shawn, who's primal scream sounded more like a muffled groan which the photographer uncomfortably described at "awkward". In the end, Amanda wins for the second week in a row and Branden gets a shot at the big time as well. They choose Mountaha and Colin to go with them and in Montreal they all book the gig.

The runway challenge is for the hopefuls to walk like freaks with strange makeup and still manage to show the clothes. Which are not so much clothes as pieces of plastic tied to them. For the most part, the models all seem to struggle with how to handle this and only Sandhurst really excels at it. However, the blasting that the judges give Amanda seemed a bit over the top, with them over sexualizing her performance and then tearing down the photo that earned her a win by comparing her to a pole dancer. And when she tearfully tries to explain that she's been missing her son, they ridicule her.

At the end of it all, Jonathan finally wins immunity and Shawn's overzealousness is his undoing as he is eliminated form the competition. You know, most of the time when people are booted off these competition shows, their final bit of camera talking is about how they are not going to give up and watch out world, because you haven't seen the last of them! Shawn, however, morosely sighs and says that sometimes you need to know when to hang up your hat and give up your dreams. Way to bring down the room, Shawn.

Did you think Amanda's judging was too harsh, or do you side with Jordan, who thinks she is a poor model and not fit to win another single thing? Will Gabriel be able to comfort Amanda or will he just stare awkwardly at her? Will Colin learn how to tell the underage models from the adults?

Posted by:Jessica Paff