It’s the second week in a row that Make Me a Supermodel has left me more than a little surprised in regards to who was eliminated. Ben, Jackie and Perry were all up for the vote, and as I said last week, I figured Ben was a goner, for sure. Which would be awkward for him, as I don’t think he can expect to get the same respect in the prison. However, it was Jackie that was sent home – much to her own shock. She had spent the first few weeks as the golden child, but had stopped progressing recently. And I think her attitude rubbed America the wrong way, whereas Ben is the current underdog. America is a sucker for the underdog.

The hopefuls greet Ben with shock when he returns to the house, less so with Perry, but pretty quickly go back about their day. Which apparently consists of very little, until Shannon finds a message scrawled on the chalkboard telling them to pack their bags because they are taking at trip. Starting at 3:30am. I don’t think there are many places I am willing to get up in the middle of the night for. I can guarantee a ski resort is not one of them. But that is where the models end up. They are lined up and hearing about the photo shoot challenge when Shannon suddenly leans over in pain. Within minutes she is being whisked away on the back of a medical snow mobile (I am totally not making that up) while the rest of the hopefuls get ready to play rich kids in the snow. There is a twist this week, in which the person with the least positive feedback from the photographer will go home by themselves while the rest of the models get the spend the night in a log cabin. Frankly, it sounds like the person who gets to go back and have the New York loft all to themselves is the winner, but that’s just me.

Perry and Ronnie go first and are put on mini skis while wearing inappropriate clothing for skiing, unless wool suits are now the norm on the slopes. Perry immediately falls and splits his pants, but they persevere and actually manage to get one of the better shots I have seen from the entire season. Next up are Ben and Holly. Holly is flawless, of course, and Ben is … well, he’s Ben. He’s got a very limited range and he doesn’t do anything to stretch it. They stand on a sled while shipping champagne and eventually get a good shot. Well, they get a great shot of Holly, wherein Ben doesn’t have the "intensity" the photographer was looking for. The last threesome hits the slope – and yes, I said threesome, because Shannon has reappeared with instructions to rest. But instead she’s running and sliding down a hill and falling into a heap with Frankie and Casey over and over again. And even sick, she outshines them easily. The photographer declares that Casey has "dead eyes" and Frankie has a "geeky mouth". Which means Frankie is the one going home.

The models are awakened the next morning by the personal trainer, who comes in stomping, yelling and blowing a whistle. Which is more than enough reason to quit the show entirely, in my book. He’s got more competitions for them – of the physical sort. They move chords of wood and work together to build phallic symbols in the snow, but it all ends up taking a backseat to Ben’s homophobic commentary. He spends most of the day calling Ronnie and Casey women, gay, and camera talking that no one can make a supermodel out of a guy who builds a penis in the snow because "it’s just not respectable".  And then he knocks the other teams ice dick over. Where’s Freud when you need him? None of it helps Ben, Holly and Shannon, and as the losing team, they go back to New York to clean up after their house mates. There’s a short montage of them trying to clean, but a longer sequence is dedicated to Ronnie and Casey confronting Ben about his remarks. Which really is more about Ronnie talking about how hurt he was, Casey sitting silently, and Ben telling him he took it the wrong way. But love is blind and Ronnie forgives Ben.

The next day, Shannon is still not doing well and she heads off to the hospital while the other models practice their runway walk, which will have them stepping up on a spinning pedestal at the end of the catwalk and striking 3 poses as they turn. Which is apparently difficult, as they all nearly fall over at one point or another. But eventually they get it all down. Shannon shows up with just enough time to get into clothes and make up, revealing that she still lacks a diagnosis and will have to return to the hospital after the runway competition is over. That’s some serious dedication. She’s the only model who stumbles at the turntable, but given the circumstances, it’s forgivable.  Less forgivable is Frankie’s look of boredom on the runway – they wanted arrogant, not catatonic. Additionally, Casey only hit two poses – stating he lost count. Which means he "lost" his way somewhere between 1 and 3. *sigh* Lastly, Ben is in the bottom again because….well, because he needs to be. He’s handsome, but not very interesting. Sadly, he doesn’t think of himself as sexy, because a little extra confidence would go a long way for him, but just a spark of something to his personality would work too. At first I thought his wooden expression and mannerisms came from being a prison guard – now I think it may be innate.

Thus, I say – for the second week – that Ben will be going.  Do you agree? Or is there someone whom you think deserves to be sent home more?

Posted by:Jessica Paff