Now, I am not saying that Branden doesn't have potential or that he didn't learn a lot. But he seems too young and uncertain for this big a leap. And when compared to Sandhurst or especially Jonathan…well, I'm bewildered. And how the judges could say Sandhurst never managed excellence or that Jonathan was forgettable is utterly beyond me. Forgettable? Was there crack smoking going on at the judges table? I can only imagine that they think Branden will be the one easiest to control because of his age and they are taking advantage of that. I hope that he survives it, because he does seem like a mostly good kid. Just stop objectifying women, OK?

What did you think of the outcome? Is Branden excellently unforgettable? Did the right model win or did you throw things at your TV and shout in outrage?

Posted by:Jessica Paff