Jordan_makemeasupermodel_s2_240 The hopefuls are diminishing on Make Me a Supermodel and I don’t just mean their measurements.

The photo shoot challenge is for the Rowdy clothing line, who are looking for 6 images and the models need to try and be in as many photos as possible. Right away Jonathan is a standout, quickly managing to end up in solo shoots. Branden is pulled out of shots most often, which starts to get to him pretty quickly. Jordan is also quickly given solo time, which Salome admits makes her jealous. Of course, when Salome is jealous, she simply states it as a fact. When Jordan is jealous of someone, she feels the need to tear that person apart to make herself feel better. Which is only one reason why Salome is infinitely more attractive than Jordan.

And sometimes inner beauty shows up on film, as Salome ends up in the most shots and wins the challenge. On the opposite end of the spectrum, to everyone’s shock, is Jonathan, who is only in one image. And his eyes are closed. It’s about the worst possible scenario for a model, I would imagine. He worries that he is letting his family down, and despite having cried earlier about feeling like a failure, Branden gives Jonathan a very sweet and sincere pep talk about how much he looks up to him.

At the go see, Salome and Mountaha try on clothing. They state that Salome has the softer look that they typically go for so they would consider booking her. Yet again we hear someone say that despite her figure flaws, they like the way the clothes fit her form. I am bewildered about what is wrong with her form at all. All the same, Cory waddles into the apartment again to take measurements and most of the models are the same or shrinking while Salome is reduced to tears over her 38″ behind.

The hopefuls all return to the hair salon to get new looks. Jordan snots at the stylist that she doesn’t need extensions because she already has thick hair. If by thick you mean limp, scraggly and uninteresting, sure. She also snots that she will just take out the extensions when she gets home anyway because she thinks they are gross. Yet, in the end, she at least has the good sense to admit that she had no idea what she was talking about. Jonathan decides to go brunette, which is a questionable choice at best. Salome gets a weave and Mountaha gets more blonde, which are subtle but good choices.

In the catwalk challenge, the models find out they will be wearing Heelys – the sneakers with skates n the heels that allow them to glide by kicking up on their heels. Jordan struggles the most with them and  further gripes that she is embarrassed that Salome did better than she. Which makes me hope someone else will yank those extensions out  her hair just because she is so over-the-top self absorbed. Jonathan is simply amazing on the sneakers, managing to not only look effortlessly smooth but to also skate in them backwards. Which I think makes up for the lousy picture.

The judges ask if the models feel intimidated by each other, but it just seems like a launching off point for Jenny to tell her Linda Evangalista story. Or perhaps it feels that way because I am so blown away by the night’s conclusion. It seems the judges believe Branden has gotten his confidence back and that Mountaha is the overall winner. They criticize Jonathan for over-modeling, tell Salome she gives just one face and  charge Jordan with fading each week. I figure that Salome is being sent home for being the wrong body type, which is why I am just as startled as she is that Jordan is sent home. Jordan, of course, blames it all on the shoes – completely ignoring the judges comments about her never growing beyond what she arrived with.

Are you as glad as I am that we won’t have to watch Jordan smug attitude or hear her snide remarks next week? Was Jonathan’s hair a mistake? Who will be sent home next – Branden or Salome?

Posted by:Jessica Paff