", they tried to freeze the hopefuls. So, this week, they tried to set them on fire! I love consistency.

Proving that sexism is alive and well, when Mountaha suggests they have dinner together "like a little family", Sandhurst asks what she's cooking because she's the woman. It makes me almost hope he gets singed a little in the pyrotechnic shoot we all know is coming. Alas, Mountaha is the most afraid of the fire and even knowing that she only get one chance at a good shot. So, she just stands there, as if frozen. And we all fall asleep.

Jonathan is unsure what to do, since he wants to give a wild shot but the judges warned him last week against doing that. So, he tries to "push enough emotion through" his eyes. Which look s remarkably like squinting. Branden goofs to the photographer that he's gonna give his rock and roll scream and gets a warning about how that can make a person look wonky. But he does it anyway, looks wonky, so his shot is from before the full flame burst. Sandhurst is the one who clearly owns this photoshoot. He moves, flailing and shouting and just tears it up one side and down the other. It is arguably the best shot of the entire season.

He wins, but there is no go see. Instead all the models are hired to go to Bloomingdale's, to try to convince shoppers to buy the clothes they are wearing. Which they call "informal modeling" and I call "extremely irritating". Jonathan, with his natural ease and charm does the best, but they all get a very nice reward. A $2,000 shopping spree in the store. Except Sandhurst, who gets $4,000.

Jonathan admits that it is hard to toss away his normally budget conscious ways, but that he loves every second of it and goes out of his way to get items for his wife. Sandhurst also shops with his family in mind, heading right to the jewelry counter to get a watch for his dad. Branden indulges in purchasing the tuxedo the store dressed him in, hoping to impress his mother when he finally gets home. Mountaha….well, she shops for herself. 

They all visit NY Models and see the "stall of models" the agency has – which is appalling terminology. Do you shoot a model that breaks it's leg or just send them to the glue factory? They get a little video encouragement from last year's winner Holly. I must say, she's still adorable, and they must have really gotten a vocal coach on her because they accent is greatly diminished. 

The catwalk is all about James Bond and the femme fatale. Strangely enough, Sandhurst holds back and becomes very generic. Branden has improved an awful lot, especially after some one on one time with a coach. Jonathan becomes the reincarnation of Daniel Craig to the degree that it is eerie. He even finally manages to keep his elbows in! Mountaha, however, looks alternately snide and bored and her walk is too abrupt for the flowing gown they've put her in. In fact, she walks like she's still marching in her doc martens. Which is doubly bad since she's wearing a Christin Malandrino.

Sandhurst's photo is still the best thing the episode had to offer and he is clearly the winner and Jonathan is ever safe. The endgame comes down to Branden's natural ability and how engaged he is in the process of learning versus Mountaha's arc of improvement. When Branden takes the last finalist position, Mountaha looks shocked and angry and then starts to cry. Branden immediately turns to hug her, before even thanking the judges, proving that he is a pretty good kid. Mountaha, however, makes her way backstage, yanks off her wig and sobs about how she can't believe this happened to her.

Do you think having such a public meltdown hurt Mountaha's chances of booking jobs or getting an agency on her own? Who do you think will take the ultimate win? Who's family are you most interested in seeing next week?

Posted by:Jessica Paff