. More if you count the farm animals.

And in some cases the farm animals take better photos and upstage the hopefuls in the shoot. Such is the case with colin, who looks too skinny, bookish and delicate to be dragging a steer anywhere. Didn't they have a line of baby ducks he could have tried to herd? Don't get me wrong, the guy is gorgeous, but let's go for at least a little believability. Amanda also struggles, despite her rural background. On the back of the horse, she arches her back, tosses her hair and purses her lips like playboys best. Which is not quite the look they were going for.

Some of the hopefuls can't handle the animals, like Mountaha who struggles with a calf so much that they get more shots of her ass as she tries to wrangle it and at least once, strangle it. Also, Branden is clearly ill at ease with the steer and doesn't know where to look, so much so that he manages to get stepped on by the massive animal. Lastly, Jordan manages to look as uncomfortable as one person can on horseback, awkwardly holding what she calls "the strings". I am no horsewoman by any stretch of the imagination, unless you count that church fair when I was 7 and they walked us around a circle on the back of a beleaguered and likely overheated pony, but even I know those are reins. Not strings.

The photo challenge is clearly between Sandhurst and Jonathan, who each managed to interact and look natural. In the end, it goes to Sandhurst, who choses Branden to accompany him to a go see with Buffalo Jeans. However, neither of them book the job as Sandhurst is "too athletic" and Branden is "not edgy enough". They get back to the apartment in time to meet with a personal trainer who makes them all work-out, even the reluctant Jordan. The trainer then goes through their fridge and says no to cheddar cheese, bacon and Sandhurst's 10lb cereal bowl. And then as soon as she leaves, they all sit down to bowls of ice cream and contemplate who smells the worst. It's Colin.

The runway challenge is modeled after the work of Ralph Lauren. Sitting in for missing judges is Maggie Rizer, who makes Amanda nervous, and Harry Josh, who gets enthusiastic applause since he was once part of casting for Marc Jacobs. As the walks get underway, Jordan tells us that sometimes the best thing to do is just walk in a straight line. As opposed to cartwheels, I suppose. However, Amanda tries to get cute and can't manage the sophistication the clothes require. Colin looks scared, Sandhurst looks blank and even Jonathan looks a bit stiff.

My favorite moment of the evening comes when Maggie attempts to dazzle us all with her grasp of the essence of modeling by explaining that sometimes "everything comes down to the specifics of every thing and you have to think 'what did my baby toe look like?' "  I feel so enlightened I'm almost giddy! Less giddy is Mountaha, who winces when Jonathan wins yet again. And everyone winces when the affable and charming Colin is told to go home. And get laid.

Did Colin deserve his dismissal? Who would you have sent home in his place? Will Amanda be able to pull herself out of her slump? Will Jordan ever look less sickly?

Posted by:Jessica Paff