" has spent weeks getting the models to drop whatever percentage of body fat they may have had, it's the perfect time for a swimsuit shot in the freezing cold!

Another great idea is to paint them with with oil, so they are perpetually damp, and make them pose holding or wearing large dead sea creatures that have spent the day on ice. It's almost like the person who came up with this shot was determined to get one of them to pass out or need to be taken to the hospital. They are all shivering and miserable and it shows in certain photographs. Like Sandhursts.

Branden eye rolls that Salome will probably win again because the photographers loved her, but Mountaha thinks she nailed it. Which makes her even more irritated when Salome wins. Again. For those keeping score, that's 3 photo shoots in a row, with 5 total wins. And a big fat zero for Mountaha. All the same, she and Salome are both sent to a go see with a Brazilian swimsuit designer. Mountaha gets textbook passive aggressive by refusing to tell Salome the name of the designer, complaining that she taught her everything she knows about modeling already. Lets remember, Salome: 5, Mountaha: 0.

The designer is not at all impressed by Mountaha being Brazilian. Or perhaps he's not impressed with how she jumps all over him to share that fact. Either way, it doesn't matter, because neither of them have brazilian swimsuit bodies. However they are invited to participate in a trunk show, wearing dresses. MEanwhile, the boys are tasked with street promoting modern furniture. Jonathan does really well, being engaging and charming. Branden uses it as an opportunity to hit on women. Sandhurst breaks the desk.

Marlon shows up at the model house to go over all their film and give them each pointers. Jonathan listens attentively, while Branden takes it personally and shuts down. Given the amount of criticism models have to hear, Branden needs some thicker skin. But unwrinkled, unblemished, and unnaturally smooth skin at that. Good luck, kid! The best part of the show comes when Marlon walks out, proclaiming he has a big day tomorrow – he has to kick someone off a show. Ouch!

The catwalk has each model walking twice: one glam look, one goth look. The models are so taken aback by one half of the Blonds being a man in drag that they don't quite connect with the fact that they will be in corsets until it's too late. Yet, Branden pulls out all stops and turns in the best walk we've seen from him. He's almost unrecognizable. Also nearly unrecognizable is Sandhurst, who is fitted with a blond pompadour wig and ill fitting clothes that he has no idea how to move in.

Which makes the ending all that more strange to me. Jonathan wins the catwalk, though there is no more immunity. But despite having turned in a poor photo, done badly at street promoting, and having a terrible catwalk, Sandhurst stays while Salome, who has won nearly half the photo shoots – including the one today – is sent packing. Granted her walk needed work, but so does Sandhursts photos and they both have "body issues" to overcome.

Are you glad Jonathan and Salome reverted their looks back to pre-makeover status? Has Mountaha taken up Jordan's snottiness crown? Do you agree with tonight's outcome or do you feel none of it matters, though, because Jonathan is going to win?

Posted by:Jessica Paff