So, I missed last week’s Make Me A Supermodel, and judging from the top of tonight show, it may have been the most engaging show of the season.  Isn’t that always the way? It seems that Perry’s girlfriend is messing around with Britney’s paparazzi play-thing, Adnan, and Frankie got himself evicted from the house while Ben, Ronnie and Casey have been put up for the vote.

Having not seen the previous show, I have no idea who’s up for what, but given that Ben actually has slightly more personality then Casey (and dear god, what does that say about the personalities on this show?) I am guessing that Casey is going to be the one to go, despite being a very pretty boy.  And I am not disappointed. How could I be, when Cory Bautista makes it a point to tell Ben that he thinks America voted wrong? Gosh, I love how supportive this show is as it "makes" supermodels. By they way, is it my TV, or is Cory Bautista orange?

That aside, there is the usual pre-return gossip of the models saying who they want gone, such as Holly wants Ronnie to get tossed off the show because he’s been mean lately. At this point this feels so staged that I can barely manage to pay attention anymore as the hopefuls try to work themselves into an argument, but none of them can muster up the energy to do so.  But, Ben and Ronnie march in the door and everyone acts like it’s just the faces they wanted to see.

When the models meet up with Nikki and find out they are going to New Orleans, there is the standard jumping and hugging and cheering which actually quiets down when they are told only 2 hopefuls will face the vote this week. Isn’t that a good thing? Meanwhile, while the other hopefuls run to pack, Tyson pulls Perry aside and pulls a tabloid out of his back pocket and hands it over. It seems Adnan is cheating on Britney Spears with Perry’s longtime girlfriend. Even worse? The photos are apparently from the front of Perry’s house.  Looks like someone just found out he’s been dating a starf***er. That’s gotta sting. All the same, I can’t help but laugh when Tyson puts on his serious face and says "This would make a normal man crumble. But to a supermodel, it’s nothing!"  Yes, but acne will make a supermodel crumble, Tyson. It’s all relative.

Perry goes to Ben and Ronnie’s bedroom and tells them the news – to which they are appropriately shocked, but they tell him to put it out of his mind and relax on the plane. Because there’s nothing more relaxing than a 2 hour plane ride. Once they arrive in New Orleans, Perry tells the girls and waxes rhapsodic by saying "she’s never going to be able to get this back. And thats on her for the rest of her life".  The moment is made all the more poignant by him blatantly scratching his balls through the entire scene. Thanks for that Bravo. Continuing the moments of staggering maturity, the hopefuls find out their photo shoot assignment is the standard goths in a cemetery. Thus, we are treated to several shots that might as well have been for Gothic Beauty magazine.  Or my 16 year old niece’s Myspace page. Which ever.

For real, there’s black eye shadow, grey lip gloss, teased hair, top hats and a crow. Oddly enough, Ben totally shines, as does Holly and to a lesser degree Perry. Shannon and Ronnie both struggle as Shannon looks bored and Ronnie looks slightly frightened. The crow craps on Ben after attempting to peck out his eye, so maybe Ronnie is scared for good reason, but Shannon has no excuse.

At dinner, it is revealed that Perry won’t eat turtle soup because he has a pet turtle names Clark and this makes him a "wussy head" in Holly’s eyes because he family kills squirrels in order to make gravy. Thus, we’ve learned to never ever accept an invitation to Thanksgiving Dinner at Holly’s house. The hopefuls hit Bourbon St and I am shocked and somewhat appalled to find them all "Woooing" without a sense of irony.  Really, what kind editorializing do they hope to be able to accomplish if they keep trying to have FUN? The producers either feel the same way, or want to attempt something resembling gravity, because he get a brief montage of the kids helping Habitat for Humanity rebuild a house destroyed by Katrina, which makes Holly cry. And to be sure, Katrina was a terrible event, so I don’t begrudge them the opportunity to make sure it stays in the minds of the handful of people who watch this show.

The next thing we know they are all back in NYC and Perry is in a room by himself. Talking to himself. While the girls gossip about how Ronnie and Perry only have one look and Ronnie and Ben gossip about how terrible Shannon was in the Goth Shoot because she’s gotten to complacent. Be prepared to hear that again. But first, there’s the matter of the catwalk competition. The hopefuls are given free reign to choreograph their own story for the goth-drama. And I have to admit, they come up with some cute stuff which actually looks interesting once Cory Bautista tells them to tone down the camp. Which make it all the more ironic when Bravo decides to digitally make Perry’s eyes flash red for no apparent reason. But Holly owns the challenge again, with Ben managing a strong and compelling presence as well. Maybe Goth is his niche – who knew? Meanwhile, Shannon just looks like she has delusions of grandeur, Perry is a caricature more than a character and Ronnie can’t help but toss in a grin that looks like it belongs on a yacht in docksiders.

Which makes the endgame pretty easy to predict, as Holly wins it all and Shannon and Ronnie are put up for the vote. This is the first time Shannon has found herself up for the vote, but with America calling the shots, I wonder what the outcome will be for her.  Personally, I don’t find her all that interesting, whereas Ronnie is at least entertaining. What say you? Who stays and who goes?

Posted by:Jessica Paff