We are nearing the end of the maiden season of Make Me a Supermodel. Since it is a Bravo show, that means we get the obligatory reunion episode before the big finale.

I have to admit, I have a love/hate relationship with the Reunion Shows. I think the big dilemma I have is that I always have high hopes for seeing lots of new material and bloopers and the like. As such, I am nearly always let down when what we get is a group of themed montages that show us clips of things we’ve already seen. Isn’t it true that they typically shoot hundreds, if not thousands of tape on these types of shows? Why then do they resort to re-editing the same 12 hours into a one hour special? I’m totally digressing.

The first big shock of the evening is when we meet the host of the show, who is neither Tyson nor Nikki. It’s not even Cory or Jennifer. It’s Andy Cohen. And if you just said "Who?", then you had the exact same reaction I did. Apparently, he’s the senior VP of original programming for TRIO, writes a blog on the Bravo website and hosts an online show. See, you do learn something new everyday! Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a very striking television personality. Which is sort of fitting, because the episode itself seems to just meander all over the place before stopping. And I mean just that. It doesn’t really conclude so much as just…well, stop.

However, there are a few shining moments, and I will recount them for you here!

The Good:

Cory admitting that he stopped reading blogs online because he couldn’t take being called fat. Sadly, I doubt it will stop him from calling people like Holly fat, but at least he got a taste of his own medicine.

Ben being asked what the guys at his jail were going to think of him and his bromance with Ronnie, to which he answered "I don’t care". He then went on about how it was a shame that people would overlook what a cool guy Ronnie is based on his sexuality, all because of their own ignorance over the matter. Well said, Ben! 

Nikki and Tyson totally argued over Tyson’s obvious partiality to the guys, which Nikki said was unfair and which Tyson completely denied by drowning her out, saying "I did not! I WAS THERE!"  Model spat!

The Bad:

Remember all of Dominic’s excuses for why he was in the bottom three? He sticks with "the shoes were too small", but I dearly wish they had brought up my favorite whine-fest from the season about the necklace he had to wear being too heavy and impeding his walk. Also bad is when Andy calls him "the mayor of excuses village". I understand what Andy was going for but the bad delivery can’t save it. Plus, do villages even have mayors? I figure them for having chiefs or something.

Bronnie. I think conjoined names have officially jumped.

I know it’s what everyone wants to hear about, but I felt bad for Perry when they recapped what has been going on with his girlfriend and Britney’s paparazzi toy. Suspecting your significant other cheated is bad enough. Having that suspicion published in every tabloid magazine and covered by the show you are on has to feel just awful. Along the same lines, them questioning Ben about the stability of his marriage seemed in bad taste. Maybe it was just me, but it was almost as if they were trying to get him to say he would divorce his wife to follow his career.

The Funny:

Casey getting a girl’s voice when confronted with the snake again!

ALL THE SINGING! This is what I want the Reunion Show to be all about!  Well, not all about the horrendous four part harmonies Perry, Casey, Ben and Ronnie performed. But about things we never got to see because they didn’t fit into the regular episodes.  It seems like the guys broke out into these self-made songs rather often and their own commentaries about it were hysterical! Such as Perry stating that they had hit songs and great cheek bones.  I only wish we could have seen the Nikki song in it’s entirety.

I think we all remember when Jackie revealed her ability to fart on cue. Apparently, this hidden talent angered Cory, who piously stated that a model should compose herself with decorum at all times and that Jackie was not ladylike at all. But after a brief pause Nikki adds "My husband loved you from that moment on". Hee!

What did you think? What was your favorite moment of the Reunion? And who do you think will win the title of Supermodel?

Posted by:Jessica Paff