, Salome singlehandedly set all the stereotypes about models being stupid back in place when she confessed to not know who Andy Warhol, Yves St. Laurent or Twiggy were.

Nor has she ever danced, because Mennonites don't allow that sort of hedonism.  But put her in some false eye lashes and pale lip gloss and she makes an excellent mod. And despite the fact that she and Mountaha are pitted against the combination of Jordan and Jonathan, she still comes out on top. Which is rather a surprise to them and to Laury. Is it just me or does Laury always think she should have won and yet never does anything to make herself stand out?

Mountaha is a bit peeved that Salome won, explaining that she was the one who had to teach her all about the 60's in the 30 minutes before their shoot. But, hard work pays off and Salome picks her to go on the go-see with her. Falling back to type, Salome cannot seem to recall the name of the store of the designer they will be seeing – despite the fact that at least part of the name is the same. However, in a surprising twist of karma, the designer can't recall her name either and calls her "Salami" instead. Neither of them book the job, however we see Jordan go to the job she booked last week. Apparently, she is working as a "showroom model"; which she explains is basically a living hanger. And it's not far from the truth as they have her try on stuff and take pictures of her and then send her on her way.

The runway competition is an interesting twist, with the models having the clothes created upon them from deconstructed clothing and other sundry items. They are given 4 minutes with a designer and then have to walk-off with the model they were paired with in the photo shoot. It's more performance art and general goofiness than anything resembling fashion and frankly I don't understand the walks most of the models pick. It's a lot of awkward aping and not much else.

Despite that, the judges decide that Salome was the winner this week and that in a double elimination both Laury and Kerryn will go home. And then, in the last 3 minutes of the show, comes the big confrontation that Bravo has hyped all week. And it is pretty much exactly what you saw in the commercials in it's entirety. After elimination, Salome tries to give Laury a farewell hug and Laury decides instead to play the sore loser and tell Salome that she thinks she is fake and she doesn't like her.

Isn't modeling all about the fakery? How much longer do you think Colin will last if he doesn't manage to get control of his overlong limbs? Is Amanda taking CJ's sourpuss place? And how about Marlon complaining at the judging table that they were not "running a modeling school"? Anyone else laugh at that?

Posted by:Jessica Paff