malcolm david kelley gigantic Malcolm David Kelley on 'Gigantic' role, the 'Lost' finaleMalcolm David Kelley, best known for playing the precocious Walt on “Lost,” is back on the small screen in TeenNick’s “Gigantic,” a show about teenagers growing up in Hollywood. Kelley tells us about his character of Finn Katins, the son of two Hollywood actors.

“He’s a fun guy, young, energetic. He’s the comedy of the show a little bit,” says Kelley. “His dad is an actor, his stepmom is an actor. He definitely lives that Hollywood life, nice cars and nice clothes.”

But despite growing up in the fast Hollywood lifestyle, Finn is not so comfortable with the ladies.

“Finn gets a little slow start when it comes to the women,” Kelley laughs. “He’s just getting started in on that whole women stage, learning how to talk to ’em and learning what’s right and what’s not right. He hasn’t quite figured it out yet.”

As a kid who grew up around the Hollywood lifestyle, Kelley does think that “Gigantic” is an accurate portrayal.

“Most times it’s pretty accurate. I want to say like a young ‘Entourage’ or ‘Degrassi’ in Hollywood,” says Kelley. “We sit down with the writers and build the whole background on our characters to keep it as real as possible.”

Despite “Gigantic” being Kelley’s big, new project, we couldn’t help but ask about the ending of “Lost.”

“I definitely wish they’d had more time for more episodes, to answer more questions,” Kelley says. “I’m sad the way it ended, I wish I was on that last season a little bit more … I’m still kind of upset we never really got to expand on Walt’s powers.”

“Gigantic” premieres on TeenNick Friday (Oct. 8) at 10 p.m. ET. You can watch an exclusive sneak peek here.

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