the price is right cbs Male models on 'The Price Is Right'? Come on down!

For the first time in the show’s 40-season history, “The Price Is Right” plans to feature a male model. How will “The Price Is Right” ever find such a lucky fellow? If you guessed “with a web series competition,” you got it right!

Following an open casting call in Los Angeles on Aug. 30, a group of male models will compete in a series of interviews and challenges designed to find just the right guy for the game show. “The Price Is Right” female models, along with the show’s producers, will judge each beautiful male on verbal skills, posing, showcasing products, on-camera presence and modeling skills.

Each of the five episodes of the web series will feature regular contestant eliminations. However, the judges may allow an eliminated contestant to win his way back onto the show.

Up to six male model contestants will survive the web series, but that isn’t where the challenges end. “The Price Is Right” viewers will meet the finalists on the Friday, Sept. 28 episode and will have the chance to vote online on the show’s site or on YouTube for a favorite until the following Thursday (Oct. 4).

The winning man will begin a week of appearances on “The Price Is Right” on Monday, Oct. 15.

Posted by:Laurel Brown