malibu country trailer abc 'Malibu Country': Reba McEntire makes her sitcom comeback on ABCABC is reaching back to its TGIF past this fall by putting a pair of family comedies on Friday nights: Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing” and “Malibu Country,” a new series with country-music star Reba McEntire in the lead role.

McEntire (or just Reba — that’s how ABC refers to her, anyway) plays a woman whose famous husband (Jeffrey Nordling) has cheated on her, so she takes her kids and her mom (comedy pro Lily Tomlin) to a small house in Malibu — the only thing she gets in the divorce — and tries to get her own, long-delayed music career rolling.

“Malibu Country” also stars Sara Rue (“Rules of Engagement,” “Less Than Perfect”) as Reba’s very friendly new neighbor, Juliette Angelo as Reba’s daughter and Jai Rodriguez (“Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”) as Reba’s new agent, who’s initially less than sanguine about her career prospects.

Kevin Abbott, who worked with Reba on her eponymous WB sitcom in the early 2000s, created “Malibu Country” as well. Take a look:

Posted by:Rick Porter