Mackenzie Phillips won’t be home for the holidays this year.
The shocking revelations from her memoirs — in which she claims she had an incentuous relationships with father, John Phillips — were made public on Oprah’s show two months ago. But the family apparently has not made amends yet and Mackenzie Phillips told Access Hollywood’s Nancy O’Dell that she has been uninvited to any get-togethers over the holidays.
Now are we really surprised? Imagine the table conversation. “What did you think of chapter 3? That stuff about Mick Jagger was hilarious. And gosh, how did you and Dad manage to keep this a secret all these years? Seconds on lied, er, fried potatoes anyone?”

]]>“I’ve been uninvited to the family Thanksgiving,” Mackenzie told Nancy. She says there’s a rift in her family at this point. 

Stepmother Michelle Phillips has been vocal in supporting her late husband, previously stating, “If these accusations were going to be made, they should have been made while John was alive.” She has accused MacKenzie of lying and having drug problems that have jumbled her brain. Or words to that effect.
Half-sister Chynna Phillips still supports Mackenzie.
“It pains Chynna that I won’t be able to be there with them,” she said. “I have made attempts [to talk to half-sister Bijou]. She just says, ‘I want nothing to do with you.'”
What do you think about the Phillips family not inviting Mackenzie for Thanksgiving dinner? 
Is it understandable or more cruelty?
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