Gumby, a star of a bygone era, has apparently fallen on hard times.

A man in a full Gumby suit tried to rob a San Diego 7-Eleven early Monday (Sep. 6). The would-be criminal’s performance was exactly what one would expect from a man who electively wore a Gumby suit to a high-stakes situation. 

Gumby entered the store with his own hands in the air, as opposed to the more traditional and functional method of asking his victims to do so. Gumby then fumbled in his pockets (presumably for a weapon) but his progress was impeded by — get this — his full-size Gumby costume. Finally, Gumby dropped 26 cents and ran out of the store.

So, technically, Gumby had a net loss of 26 cents on his robbery. Brilliant work. Detective Gary Hassen of the San Diego police says if caught, Gumby and his accomplice could face felony charges of attempted robbery. Which means Gumby would get acquainted with Pokey in prison.

Posted by:janderson