man up ratings 320 'Man Up!' promo is 'too hot for ABC'The new “Man Up!” promo may be too hot for ABC, but we’ve got it for you right here. The show about a group of men trying to grow up premiered last week, exploring the question of how to be a real man in a world full of things like manscaping, spray tans and hipster shoes.

Last week, the guys searched for the perfect gift for Will’s (Mather Zickel) 13-year-old son, tossing around ideas like an inappropriate M-rated video game, a shaving kit and a knife. Now, the promo for this Tuesday’s show may not give us much information on the actual episode, but you’ll get exactly who these guys are. 

Are you guys watching “Man Up!”? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the show. Before this week’s episode, make sure to check out Kenny’s (Dan Fogler) blog, Kenny’s Ridiculously Awesome House of Awesome. He’s so awesomely awesome that he has a betamax version of “Star Wars.”

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