Mandy Patinkin showed off his new, clean-shaven look when the “Homeland” actor visited “Live with Kelly and Michael” on Thursday (Dec. 5). He also got a blast from the past in the form of an e-mail from his first kiss.

Although Patinkin has sported a full beard for several years in order to play the character of Saul Berenson on “Homeland,” he has finally gotten a chance to shave it off. From the sound of things, this could not have happened sooner. “I shaved it the minute I finished the last shot,” Patinkin said gleefully. “I felt like I was taking off a Mickey Mouse mask … I also felt about 20 years younger, so that was nice.”

Other benefits of the new look were a plus too. Patinkin’s wife, for example, was very pleased with the change. “She loves it. She was dying for me to shave it,” the actor explained. Going out with no beard also meant that Patinkin wasn’t always getting recognized for his “Homeland” role. “The thing I love most about it is once the show got more and more successful, wherever I go people go, ‘Saul! Saul!'” Patinkin said of Saul’s signature look. “And I took it off and nobody knows me. I thought, ‘This is what real life is like, you go to work, you leave, and you walk home and you just take a rest.'”

There was another highlight of the visit for Mandy Patinkin as well. It seems that “Live” had gotten an e-mail from a woman named Sandy who claimed to be Patinkin’s first kiss.

She was, and the actor was thrilled to hear from her after so many years — the two had kissed while in elementary school from Chicago. And Patinkin claimed to have been looking for her for ages. It was all very adorable.

Posted by:Laurel Brown