Ericdane4_greysanaomy_s3_240Mark Sloan, you may have gathered, is not the altruistic type. I can’t recall one thing the character has done in his time on Grey’s Anatomy that hasn’t been at least partly motivated by self-interest.

So it was tonight when he offered Meredith a chance to do a difficult bone graft as part of Jane Doe’s facial reconstruction, thereby impressing the Chief with his teaching skills and scoring points right before his interview for chief resident with the hospital board.

The thing with that, though, is that he’s right. Meredith has been insisting she’s fine, and even if that stretches credulity out here in the real world, within the show she is, apparently, doing OK. Yet she’s still getting the eggshell treatment from just about everyone else, including her boyfriend.

So even though he was just as interested in helping himself, you have to give Sloan credit for helping Meredith out a little bit. Not so much with his poaching of Bailey’s "right now plan" line, of course. But the other attendings really shouldn’t be surprised at anything he does at this point — as noted in this space before, he is who he is.

That said, I don’t think I’d want to work for the guy. Bailey for Chief! (Although, given that James Pickens Jr. has already reworked his contract for next season, I’m guessing we may not have a new Chief by May.)

As for tonight’s other major plot thread, given how much last week’s ending skeeved me out, the show handled the aftermath reasonably well. The wordless scene between the George and Izzie was very well-choreographed, and I really liked. George’s line about not wanting to clear his conscience at Callie’s expense. Clearly he wasn’t trying to hurt his wife by going to Izzie’s — not like that, anyway — and it seems like his heart is in the right place in not wanting to hurt her now.

Now, I don’t believe for a second Izzie will be able to keep their secret for very long. It’s going to come out, and I fear that, as well as things played out tonight, the show is still headed down a George-and-Izzie path, and I just don’t want to play along with that.

I was also a little disappointed that Hector Elizondo was only in a couple of scenes tonight as Callie’s — excuse me, Calliope’s — father. There is quality comedy to be mined from George rubbing elbows with the Torreses, so let’s bring on the in-laws for a sweeps episode, how ’bout?

And it’s always nice seeing the underrated Catherine Dent from The Shield, though her role as the woman whose muscles were turning to bone must have been rough. It can’t be fun to have to hold yourself still like that and still act.

Last thing: Are we headed for a Denny-Izzie sort of thing (minus the LVAD wire-cutting) with Karev and Jane Doe? Their interaction has been great, and Karev’s previously stated family issues may motivate him to want to take care of her baby. I fear the guy’s going to get crushed, though, when she regains her memory or someone comes looking for her.

If you were George, would you tell Callie? And is there any way Izzie keeps that in the vault?

Posted by:Rick Porter