manti teo catfish lennay kekua ronaiah tuiasosopo u mad gi Manti Te'o Catfishing controversy: Are you still mad about it?Plenty of pop-culture stories from 2013 were fodder for public outrage. As the year comes to a close, Zap2it takes a look back at some of the biggest uproars and asks: U Still Mad?

MTV’s internet-sleuthing reality show “Catfish” had started to catch on when it debuted toward the end of 2012, but it exploded onto the wider pop culture scene with the reveal that college football star Manti Te’o, who had garnered plenty of public sympathy for suffering the deaths of his grandmother and his girlfriend in a six-hour period, was being tricked — his dead girlfriend didn’t actually exist.

Lennay Kekua
was actually the fake online alter ego of a young man named Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, and after the hoax was exposed, Notre Dame player Te’o said he was embarrassed and just as in the dark as everyone else — despite the fact that he’d claimed he and Lennay had met in person before. It seems fishy that Te’o would’ve believed the lie for so long, especially after Te’o appeared on “Katie” and played voicemails from Tuiasosopo pretending to be Lennay.

The fervor eventually died down, and Te’o went on to become a second-round draft choice of the San Diego Chargers, where he’s had a solid rookie season. But now, almost a year later, how do you feel about the controversy? Are you still mad that Te’o received such an outpouring of sympathy from the public, or are you — probably like Te’o — glad something else caught pop culture’s eye?

Posted by:Jean Bentley