Many of you are worried about Ugly Betty.

The dramedy will get booted off the air on March 26 to make room for Samantha Who? and the new comedy In the Motherhood. (Let me pause for a moment to announce how annoying it is that a show I like gets booted for another show I like. Why couldn’t they take Wife Swap off the air to make room for Samantha Who? Booo I say. Boooooo.)

I think the show is doing quite well creatively. I’ve accepted that which I cannot change (really after all this time at Mode, Betty would still be dressing like that?) I really like that Mark and Amanda have become friendlyish with Betty. Those two characters work best when they are their snarky selves but are, at least, somewhat tethered to reality. The show continues to struggle with what to do with Amanda — she hasn’t had a real storyline in quite sometime. I liked it better when Amanda and Betty were roommates. I thought it made sense that Betty would want to be independent and the arc made Amanda a lot less one dimensional.

I’m also liking Daniel Eric Gold as Betty’s new potential romantic interest Matt and I think I’m going to like him even more when Christine Baranski guest stars as his mom in a couple weeks. Even better news — Ralph Macchio will return in a few weeks as Councilman Archie Rodriguez which should give Hilda a nice storyline. Betty “running into” Henry on Facebook was great. It was a relatable moment and good for us all to know that Betty hasn’t completely forgotten about Henry.

The Connor story line gave Wilhelmina more depth than she had in awhile. It’s much more interesting when Wilhelmina is doing more than merely coming up with her next diabolical plan. But my complaint is that the storyline was wrapped up way too quickly. Betty discovered Connor’s financial impropriety, he threatened her and her family and Connor escaped with millions all in about 20 minutes. That was a juicy plot development that warranted a couple of episodes. This is a problem the show wrestles with quite frequently. They rarely let plot points simmer for too long.

So while Ugly Betty continues to struggle to find the right balance of Betty’s personal and professional life or how to give their bevy of interesting characters the appropriate amount of screen time, all in all I think Ugly Betty is having a good season. What about you? Are you enjoying Betty this season? Talk about it below.

Question of the Week

I feel like Ben had tricked me too because I was a little shocked that he killed Locke. I mean we all know not to trust Ben but I was still surprised. Were you? Also why do you think Ben killed Locke? Because Locke wouldn’t talk to Sun? Because he was going to see Eloise Hawkings? Because he was jealous that Locke had been named the leader? What do you think?

Season Finales

As much as I love, love, love Privileged. I have to confess that I liked but didn’t love the season finale. I think the show was trying to cover one too many plot points in a limited amount of time. I was so disappointed that we didn’t see Megan’s sister or father at all. Megan’s fractured family is my favorite part of the show and although I can infer her father is drinking again, I really wanted some scenes with him in the finale. But I did love Sage’s realization that she and Luis were too different. And Megan and Will’s fight was some very good stuff. Obviously the show must return for a second season. It’s still one of my favorite shows on the air right now. Perhaps my expectations for the finale were too high. What did you think of the finale of Privileged? Talk about it below.

And speaking of finales, I’m so glad that Brenda and Fritz got married without incident on The Closer. They have one of the best primetime adult romances on TV and I thought their ceremony was quite fitting. Although I’m definitely with many of you who thinks a little of Amy Sedaris goes a long way on this series. She gave us enough comic relief to last for awhile. What did you think about the season finale of The Closer? Talk about it below.

Quotes of the Week

“They’re not the Others to me, they’re my people.” Charles Whidmore to Lock on Lost.

“I’m not dating most of the country. And you know what? Most of the country thinks it’s okay to wear miniskirts with cowboy boots but you know what? They’re wrong. And you’re wrong. I can’t believe how idiotic you sound right now.” Sage to Luis on Privileged. Thanks to Dennis for the quote.

Exchange of the Week

“Haven’t you ever had a dream that didn’t come true?” Jeff to Awesome on Chuck.

“No.” Awesome’s response. Thanks to Wendy for the exchange.

That’s all for today. There’s a lot happening next week. I’m back on Monday with thoughts on the season premiere of Reaper (hooray!), the return of Saving Grace (I have to admit the show is growing on me a little bit), and the two hour episode of 24 (raise your hand if you think Sean is a boring bad guy). Also coming next week more thoughts on ER (I’m keeping vigil at Dr. Carter’s bedside), Brothers & Sisters (so curious to know what you guys think of this Sunday’s episode), Friday Night Lights (my favorite episode of the season is coming up) and more. Have a question? Seen a familiar face? Want to nominate a quote of the week? Write me at Have a great weekend. Talk to you on Monday.

Posted by:Amy Amatangelo