According to the L.A. Times, the Hispanic music world is plenty PO-ed at Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony for their movie "El Cantante," about salsa music legend Hector Lavoe.

Even Willie Col├│n, the bandleader who was Lavoe’s partner and producer for two decades, is mad. And he was a consultant on the film. On a Yahoo forum about Latin jazz, he posted an item that included this statement:

"The creators of El Cantante missed an opportunity to do something of relevance for our community. The real story was about Hector fighting the obstacles of a non-supportive industry that took advantage of entertainers with his charisma and talent. Instead they did another movie about two Puerto Rican junkies. . . . "

Wait, "El Cantante" is about two Puerto Rican junkies? Oh man, I had NO idea. Now I gotta go see it!

Photo credit: C’mon, forget about fighting a non-supportive music industry. Who doesn’t love movies about two Puerto Rican junkies? Or any kind of junkies? Look at "Ray" and "Walk the Line."
Let’s split a large popcorn and sit in the front row!

Steve Granitz/WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead