tvfashwo25.jpgSure, it’s Halloween week, but Ugly Betty star Michael Urie’s Marc always dresses that way.

Whether you see him as incredibly fashion forward or as a dandy gone daffy, it’s inarguable that Marc is television’s accessory king.

“I used to say Marc was three-quarters wardrobe,” Urie says. “I didn’t know how to walk and talk like Marc until I put on the wardrobe.”

Relaxing in his Manhattan apartment, where he’s wearing jeans and a T-shirt, Urie says he dresses pretty basically when not in costume. And, what a costume – the show’s wardrobe department has a blast shopping for him.

“I like to go to Gucci a lot for him,” says Paolo Nieddu, an assistant costume designer.

“Barney’s for a department store. We find a lot of great things at Century 21; they always get weird European (clothes). I go to a store in Chelsea called Behaviour.”

Marc always wears jackets, and the designers favor two-button sport coats “that are slim and young,” Nieddu says. “McQueen, Gucci, sometimes Raf Simons, Vivienne Westwood is a good one on him, and Dolce & Gabbana.”

His ties are mostly from Dior. “We tend to pick all of the ties in the store people pick up and say, ‘Who the hell is going to wear this tie?’ ” Nieddu says. “I think this goes for all of our clothes. The salespeople say, ‘You buy things that are fabulous but no one will wear.’ We buy leather ties, bow ties, ascots. We take brooches and pins and put them at his neck, and sometimes we put necklaces on so the necklace peeks out from between the collar and tie.”

All the men on the show wear pointed-collar shirts, and Marc’s are from Westwood, Lanvin, McQueen, Burberry, Gucci, and Dolce & Gabbana.

Marc’s pants wardrobe is eclectic. “He has a little mix of Cary Grant vibe,” Nieddu says. “We take him kind of 1950s sometimes and do new wavy things. He wears Trussardi. We love their beautiful, high-waisted pleat pants on him.”

For his Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Burberry shoes, the rule is “pointy, pointy, pointy,” Nieddu says.

“This year is kind of cool,” Urie says. “Marc has become more of a professional. He’s new-wave, sleeker, more form-fitted, with very bright colors, jewel tones, great jackets.”
Though Urie is far more subdued than Marc, he admits to occasionally raiding his character’s closet.

“I don’t generally wear Marc’s combos,” he says. “I sign them out and tell them, ‘I’ll bring back soon.’ They are so wonderful. A piece here and there.”

Nieddu believes that people can achieve Marc’s look, providing they hang out at these stores, frequent sample sales and “know how to work it out.”

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler