Remember Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, the adorable mollusk who totally warmed the cockles of our hearts about a year ago thanks to a viral video? Well, he’s back and as ridiculously adorable as ever.

In a new video, Marcel talks about the frustrations of driving a bug (that’s “bug,” not “Bug”), reading receipts (he likes to “get a feel for daily life”), his bed made of bread and why the bus isn’t running (“the bus is a caterpillar and it threw up”).

Marcel is the creative child of Saturday Night Live” alum Jenny Slate and director Dean Fleischer-Camp, who are — according to the Huffington Post — hard at work making more videos (yay!) and developing both a book and a TV show about Marcel.

If you don’t like Marcel, you may in fact not possess a heart. Watch his debut video below:

MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON from Dean Fleischer-Camp on Vimeo.

Bonus: Some more of our favorite lines from the new Marcel vid:

1. On the inadvisability of giving oneself a nickname: You can make yourself a new hairstyle, but you can’t say, “Now I go by ‘The General’ or whatever.”

2. On why he used to have a sister: “Someone asked her to hold a balloon.” And: “My sister’s name was Marissa, and that’s why they call it ‘Marissa’s Law’ now.”

3. On his dog: “Oh god, I can smell his face.”

4. On the power of positive thinking: “Guess why I smile a lot. Cuz it’s worth it.”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson