margaret cho feb 2011 gi Margaret Cho accepts Tracy Morgan's apologyInitially, Margaret Cho, was stung by Tracy Morgan’s anti-gay rant, but tells Zap2it that she’s pleased by his swift apology and reaction.
“It is sad that this happened, but he was very quick to apologize and I thought that was really meaningful,” Cho says. “That is a good thing to say he was wrong, and it’s an important lesson. I love that our community can demand an apology and it happens right away.”
Cho, who is bisexual, champions lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights, and has been married to a man for eight years.
“I was hurt a lot by it,” she says of Morgan’s recent stand-up act that included saying he would fatally stab his kids if they were gay. “It really hurt my feelings. When people are homophobic, and using hate speech in that manner I really get so upset because I have experienced homophobia so much.”
“This was so painful to me because I am a big fan of his, and a big fan of  ’30 Rock’,” she says.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler