Now that she’s not “Dancing with the Stars” and on a break from basically running the law office as Teri in Lifetime’s “Drop Dead Diva,” actress and comedienne Margaret Cho has been touring with her comic music album, “Cho Dependent,” and she’s just released the music video for “Lice.”
“I wrote this song with Ben Lee who I absolutely worship,” says Cho on her website. “He helped me so much with the album and I can never thank him enough.”
The adorable Australian indie pop singer, Ben Lee, is in the background consulting a human-sized louse, who apparently has some talent on the harmonica. Sneaky little creatures.

]]>“He sent me the instrumental when I was in Morocco last year,” she explains. “And recovering from a rather mild case of head lice. I didn’t know what the song was yet, but then I thought, write what you know. I know about head lice. I love how the song came out.”

We hope that Cho’s advice can help those of you out there struggling with the really itchy ailment.

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Video credit: YouTube