maria menounos getty1 Maria Menounos loses Super Bowl bet, strips in Times SquareThat’ll teach Maria Menounos to gamble!

The “Extra” correspondent and Patriots fan bet her co-star A.J. Calloway that the Giants would lose — and swore that if they won, she’d strip down to just a Giants bikini in wintery Times Square.

She definitely fulfilled her end of the bargain. “Ready to face the music,” she tweeted on Monday, with a photo of herself in a robe. “Problem with this bikini thing? I ate everything you wouldn’t eat in
major quantities to prove my confidence in winning. Now it’ll be on display.”

We think she looks great. 50 Cent also bet on the game, but favored the Giants — promising that he’d pay $1 million and post photos of his penis on Twitter if the G-men lost. He ended up reneging on the bet, though.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie