Maria Menounos.jpgWe got a chance to chat with the lovely Maria Menounos about her new project, “AfterBuzz TV” and being one of the new contestants on Season 14 of “Dancing With the Stars.” By the way, if you want to see her first design for dancing partner Derek Hough, check out his tweet! There are nipple tassels! This is one busy lady! Between hosting “Extra,” dance rehearsals and ‘AfterBuzz TV,’ she tells us she’s working on a cookbook with her mom!

We asked her about her new project, “After Buzz TV,” which is a partnership with the search engine Bing and cloud platform Akami. “‘After Buzz’ was born from my partner Kevin (Undergaro) and I?s mutual love for television,” she says. “We were really fascinated by what happened when ‘Lost’ went off the air in the series ?nale when people were ?ooding message boards, and the Internet actually crashed because of all the volume. So we got set up for the show ‘Breaking Bad,’ and soon after that we started … it’s a place where people could be together and come and talk about shows that they loved and have a community.”

We wanted to know what shows “AfterBuzz TV” covers. Menounos said, “People love ‘American Horror Story.’ We do ‘Mob Wives,’ we do ‘American Idol,’ obviously ‘Dancing With the Stars’ is going to be our headline show. It?s kinda cool that I?m on it.” We think so too, Maria!  She continues, “And we have some exclusive and amazing content. We?ll get on there, and then the different stars have been on it in the past will get in the studio. The shows very, and we kinda cover most of what?s on television. We do at least 30 hours of programming a week, which is a lot!”

She says she can’t even begin to speculate about her chances on “Dancing With the Stars,” saying, “I?m pretty good under pressure and I wrestled in the WWE in front of 20,000 people,
so I think the different experiences of my life can help me know how I?ll be in different
circumstances, and so I didn?t breathe during that and I was terrified. So I assume the
same thing will be the case for ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ but you never know. I keep envisioning freezing up when I see everybody. You know dancing is a very intimate thing, we?re doing really sexy stuff, and to do it to Derek and a camera person in the room is one thing, but to do it in front of a huge audience, a live audience and millions of people at home, I might freeze, I don?t know. You never know. Insecurity and fatigue, there?s a lot that happens, it?s like a physical, a mental, and it?s a big game. There?s a lot involved.”

We asked her who her biggest competition is on the show. She says, “To me it?s anybody?s game. You never know who?s gonna be able to hang or not hang, who?s gonna capture the audience, who?s gonna be a great dancer. For the most part, I?m not a dancer, and Martina (Navratilova) wasn?t a dancer. There are a few of them on there, like William Levy and Rashad Fagen from the Disney channel, he has experience, so some of them have dance experience. William Levy, like Latin lover, he?s gonna kill it. And you?ve got Jaleel (White) who came out really swinging. I think everyone is gonna be really good. I just want to be good and proud of myself, being somebody who?s never taken a dance class in my life, and somebody who has been terrified of this. I just want to impress myself. I really do. I just want to have fun. It?s such a great excuse to have fun and to learn something I?ve never learned before, and impress myself.”

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