mariah carey at home in concert matt lauer 'Mariah Carey At Home In Concert with Matt Lauer': Did the 'Elusive Chanteuse' reveal anything noteworthy?Mariah Carey sat down with Matt Lauer for a new primetime special called “Mariah Carey At Home In Concert With Matt Lauer.” She revealed special details about her home life with husband Nick Cannon and their toddler twins, Moroccan and Monroe, plus an intimate performance — at her house — featuring songs from her new album, “Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse.”

“I feel more empowered now than I did back in the day because I feel like I was always insecure as a child,” she tells the “Today” host.

She also reveals, “Look, I’ve always been a pretty vulnerable person. But I built up — I have learned how to build up a wall. So when I have to, I can put up that wall, and leave it there, and walk in the other direction. And that’s what I have to do sometimes with people in my life when they just don’t get it, that I’m a person like them.”

What did you think of the interview — was it actually revealing, or just a publicity ploy for her new album, which was released May 27? Maybe a little bit of both? And what did you think of the performances, which also featured special guests Wale and Fabolous?

Posted by:Jean Bentley