mariah carey Mariah Carey ditzes out at Palm Springs Film Festival.  Is it just an act?

Guests at the Palm Springs Film Festival Awards Tuesday night were buzzing about Mariah Carey‘s tipsy behavior.
Carey — who won the Best Breakthrough Performance award for her role in the gritty drama “Precious” — told the gentleman who helped her to the stage (hey, her dress was very, very tight),  “I love you!” 
Now perhaps she was being overly polite or perhaps she thought that the guy was her husband, Nick Cannon
Except he wasn’t Nick. Anyway, that got people talking.


Then, during her acceptance speech, she  gushed,  “I have to say this, and please forgive me cause I’m a little bit … umm … Oh my goodness. I just honestly read this book ‘Push,’ which is now ‘Precious,’ a long time ago, ’cause my friend Rhonda was like, ‘If you don’t read this book you ain’t living,’ and I cried and I read it again, and I cried and when I met the author Sapphire I was like I can’t believe it’s Sapphire! And then I met Helen Mirren tonight and I was so excited, I couldn’t believe it — the genius Hellen Mirren!”
Which is pretty much what she told The Dish Rag in this video from the red carpet at the  LA “Precious” premiere. Except for the Helen Mirren bit. 
Frankly, we can’t tell if she’s tipsy or that that’s just the way she always acts. 
What do you think?