Unlike A-list "Precious" supporters Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry — who both whisked by the press after posing for photographers – Mariah Carey tried to answer reporters' questions about the stunning and controversial new film at Sunday's premiere for the 2009 AFI Festival.

She talked about reading "Push" — the novel the film is based on – after a girlfriend threatened her with death if she did not read it. 

And what was it like de-glamming for her role in the film?

"Hideous," she said. "It wasn't just deglamorizing, it was then add some hideousness."

She joked that she had to drink "ugly juice" for the part. It sounded like Nick was telling his girl that she's always beautiful and she teased him a bit about something he said. Anyway, it's kinda cute to watch.

She certainly re-glammed for the premiere, wearing sparkly body cream and a sexy black gown that looked glued on.

There was a big "Precious" party at the Chateau Marmont planned after the premiere. No doubt, Oprah, Tyler, Will Smith and more famous folks showed up for that. 

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead