mariah carey hsn 2 Mariah Carey feeds viral video makers on HSNApparently Mariah Carey isn’t afraid of botching a chance to sell her products on the Home Shopping Network. That’s what she did in her latest appearance on the network, helpfully pointing out just where viral video makers should cut the tape for maximum parody effect.

In July, a video of Carey’s best (or worst) moments edited down from a previous HSN appearance went viral and, obviously, Carey saw it and hasn’t quite gotten over it yet.

In this new clip — which we should point out is unedited — Carey continues to harp on the viral video makers who she must think are sitting by their TVs just waiting for her to make an appearance so they can spring into “Internet editing” action to make her look like a fool. Based on this vid, they may not have much work on their hands:

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson