American Idol Finale ~ Mariah Carey Medley by HumanSlinky

As part of the two-hour “American Idol” finale Thursday night (May 16), judge Mariah Carey sang a medley of some of her biggest hits — though we were sad “Someday” did not make the cut.

However, viewers were in an uproar on Twitter over Carey appearing to be lip-synching during the pre-taped segment.

“Mariah Carey needs to practice her lip syncing. She on American Idol right now making a fool of herself.” — Artistry Beats

“Mariah Carey lip syncing on a live show really though?!? When a child can tell, that’s BAD!! Can we get Originality please.” — Vuitton

“So apparently viewers of American Idol are upset at Mariah Carey lip-syncing last night…what did yall expect baby girl getting old #noNews.” — MsSouthernCharm

“Mariah Carey lip syncing on AI….kind of ironic since she critiques live performances when she can’t even do it herself. #HangItUpyouoldhag.” — Kate Daniel

“Good Lord Mariah Carey lip syncing too. And not well. This is just sad. #idol.” — Mark Davis

“Mariah Carey lip syncing on #idolfinale. Kind of negates her critiques of the performances when she doesn’t have the guts to do it herself.” — Shelley Paulson

“There is oodles of irony in Mariah Carey lip-syncing her hits medley on the #IdolFinale last night. Oodles, I say!” — Grant Jenkins

“I want a congressional investigation into Mariah Carey’s horrid lip syncing last night. And that Mattel dress of hers.” — Daniel Aubry

So far, Carey is mum about the whole affair on Twitter. What do you think, Zappers? Did she lip-synch? Do you care if she did?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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