When Mariah Carey took to her Instagram (April 12) to reveal her cover photo for her upcoming album “#1 to Infinity,”  fans couldn’t stop commenting about her seemingly altered appearance. 

In the photo, the 45-year-old mother of two looks strikingly different than she has during recent outings. Carey’s super-skinny, leggy cover pic almost looks like she went back into the archives and stole it from 1995, and people definitely took notice. 

While the singer certainly doesn’t look bad these days, it does seem like she went slightly overboard with the retouching this time. The Mariah Carey featured on the “#1 to Infinity” album cover is a far cry away from the way the singer looked during a March 15 appearance with “Empire’s” Jussie Smollett.

Mariah Carey and Jussie Smollett attend the Human Rights Gala

While Carey wouldn’t be the first to trim her physique for an album cover, the consensus is that she went a bit overboard. Even her face is hard to recognize. 

Mariah Carey’s “#1 to Infinity” hits stores May 18. 

Posted by:Sarah Huggins