Mariah Carey‘s twins are just three months old, so maybe we can chalk up the stuff in the clip above to a lack of sleep.

Whatever the cause, though, her not-entirely-there appearance on HSN Sunday (July 24) to shill for her jewelry and clothing lines is weirdly fascinating TV.

It’s not just the multiple instances of her telling the production crew not to put the camera on her, apparently because she’s not in tip-top post-pregnancy shape yet (although she looked just fine to us). And it’s not just the oversharing about her pregnancy, or the made-up words like “lambly,” or the moment toward the end of the video where she walks through the frame, trailing her microphone pack behind her.

Rather, it’s the totality of the (edited-down) experience that makes for vintage loopy Mariah. The audio is a bit out of sync, but if that bothers you just close your eyes and listen, because aside from the aforementioned walk-through-the-frame shot, it’s more about what she says than what she does.

Posted by:Rick Porter