Mariah Carey is probably eager to remind people she’s more than just a part of one of the worst judging panels in “American Idol” history, and the release of her first album in four years could be just the ticket.

First up is a new single, “Beautiful,” due for release on May 6 and featuring rising R&B star Miguel. Carey is teasing the release of that song with a new YouTube video that runs less than half a minute and features what sounds like a single guitar lick on repeat with a bit of giggling from Ms. Carey.

In completely non-music related teases, there’s also a motorcycle, some red heels and flashes of hair. It doesn’t give you much idea of what Carey’s new sound is like but on screen text does promise: “The new era begins.” So there you have it.

Carey’s 14th studio album — her first non-holiday release since 2009’s “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel” — doesn’t have an official release date but is expected later this year. Of course, it was previously expected to be released last year and then earlier this year. So we’ll see…

At the very least, reminding fans she has new music on the way should help distract from those pesky rumors “Idol” producers wanted her replaced.

Posted by:gberkshire