Mariah Carey to play Vanessa Hudgens' mother? Ouch.
Can you see Mariah Carey as Vanessa Hudgens‘ mother?
Why not? She’s 40 and Vanessa is 21. But that’s not the point.
The point is whether Mariah wants to be seen as a 40-year-old mom in a new movie about a mother/daughter singing duo who audition for an “American Idol” kind of show. 
It could be a little more than the Diva can handle.

]]>Carey, who received good reviews for her small role in “Precious,” is reported to be considering teaming up with the “High School Musical” cutie for the flick.

And it sounds like a Dream Team. So what’s the hold up?
The only sticking point seems to be whether Mariah feels comfortable playing the mom of a teenager. She’s reportedly a little sensitive when it comes to her age.
She could always use Sofia Vergara’s excuse. But despite the annoying maternal business, it’s possible that  Mariah may just succumb to the temptation. 
After all, she’s getting used to film world perks and prizes. 
She just picked up a bright shiny award at the Capri Film Festival for Best Supporting Actress in “Precious” and she’ll accept the Breakthrough Award at the upcoming Palm Springs Film Festival.
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