mariah carey nude bathtub dog nick cannon kiss valentines day twitter Mariah Carey tweets nude photos and Nick Cannon kissing pic on Valentine's DayMove over, Miley Cyrus; there’s a new queen of Twitter “TMI.” Mariah Carey saw fit to live tweet her Valentine’s Day celebration with husband Nick Cannon. It was a night of romance, a night of whimsy, a night of naked bath time with a dog, trespassing, and horse manure-scented make out sessions. Jealous yet?

The “American Idol” judge began the histrionics with a candlelit bathtub scene. As she relaxed chin-deep in the tub, someone snapped a photo, which Mariah tweeted along with the caption, “Getting ready for my Valentines Rendezvous consumed by bubbles.. Oh dear..” Oh dear, indeed.

Next, Carey posted an even more revealing photo of herself in the bathtub, this time letting a cute little canine join in on the fun as most of the bubbles had cleared. She lies naked in the bathtub, holding up the dog beside a glass of bubbly. The photo caption: “Aaaah! Jill E Beans leaps to the tub In hopes of a splash champagne – whhhhhy?!” Actually, we were going to ask the same question … Why?

mariah carey nick cannon valentines balloons twitter Mariah Carey tweets nude photos and Nick Cannon kissing pic on Valentine's DayShortly thereafter, fans were treated to a look at the finished product. “Ready!!!!” Mariah tweeted, along with a photo of herself with her dutiful husband, who is carrying a balloon bouquet the size of his wife’s ego. There were, of course, butterfly balloons, lest Nick be fired for not thinking of it.
Throughout the night, the tweets kept coming. Mariah described the events of the evening, which included “trespassing in Central Park,” or as she says, “love on the wild side.” (Someone, please tame this woman.)

The romantic date continued with a make out session in the back of a horse-drawn carriage, which Mariah thoughtfully had someone snap a photo of so she could share with her Twitter followers. She tweeted, “A kiss delicately scented with horse dung…. Still romantic though..” Romance? Is that what we we’re smelling in the air? Hmm.

The evening’s tweeting concluded with a goodnight from Mariah — a picture of a bed sprinkled with rose petals and a Valentine’s Day card, which she captions with her trademark sign off, “LYM.” Love you, Mariah? Love ya, mean it? Do we even want to know?

Does anyone think this is a case of celebrity over share? Or do you like to stay on top of what your favorite A-Listers are doing every five minutes?

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