justin bieber baby Mariah Yeater reveals Justin Bieber's alleged love childThe woman who is claiming to be the mother of Justin Bieber’s love child, Mariah Yeater, is going public with her accusations. Not only is she spilling details about a supposed affair on Monday’s (Nov. 7) “The Insider,” but she’s produced photographic evidence of the son that she claims was fahered by Bieber.

Yeater claims that 3-month-old Trystan, pictured at left, is the offspring of the 17-year-old pop star. He certainly does appear to be a caucasian human baby — but beyond that we can’t see a remarkable resemblance to the Bieb. What do you think, zappers?

On “The Insider,” Yeater details meeting Bieber after a concert.

“He immediately took a liking to me,” she says. “We just got to talking … then he
eventually asked me, ‘Would you mind if we could go somewhere and be

“I have provided evidence to my attorneys and it’ll show in court to prove that my allegations are true,” she says.

Last week, Yeater filed a paternity suit against Bieber and the singer will reportedly submit to a test to determine whether or not he is the father. For the record, Bieber denies having even ever met Yeater, telling Matt Lauer he “never met the woman.”

justin bieber trystan 2 Mariah Yeater reveals Justin Bieber's alleged love child

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson