marie osmond donny osmond Marie Osmond son: suicide note found minutes before his death
Marie Osmond‘s son, Michael Blosil, left a suicide note for a female friend who lived in his downtown Los Angeles apartment building.
Blosil was supposed to see his friend Friday (Feb. 26) night. But instead texted her just before 9 p.m., telling her he’d left a note for her in his apartment. 

]]>The woman raced to Michael’s apartment . She and his roommates found the note. He wrote that the woman was his only good friend in L.A. and he was very unhappy, mentioning things he would do for the last time.. 

While it did not mention suicide, law enforcement sources tell TMZ it was a suicide note.
The roommates and the woman were disturbed by the note. Then they heard the sirens and saw ambulances on the street below.
Blosil, one of Marie’s adopted children, had a long history of depression. 
This month, depression claimed the lives of fashion designer Alexander McQueen, Walter Koenig’s son, Andrew Koenig and now Marie’s son, Michael Blosil.  McQueen and Koenig both reportedly hung themselves. Blosil jumped off an apartment building.
Make no mistake, undiagnosed and untreated depression can kill. If you know anyone you suspect is clinically depressed, don’t wait. Please get them help before it’s too late. 
Suicide rates are rising globally. Some theorize that it’s due to the economy, others blame the increasingly isolated lives some lead. Highest at risk are middle aged males and teens of both genders. But suicides among middle aged women are rapidly rising. 
Another startling fact? Theres a suicide every 16 minutes somewhere in the world.  Now that’s depressing.
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