mariners gay pride flag Mariners fly gay pride flag during game and make baseball history

The Seattle Mariners have made history. After announcing they would do so earlier in the week, the professional baseball team became the first to ever fly a rainbow gay pride flag.

The historic event took place on June 30 at Safeco Field, only days after the Supreme Court made landmark decisions rule the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional and overturn Prop 8. The flag is included alongside flags for away team the Chicago Cubs and the American flag, and was placed on the pole where the Washington flag is usually hung.

It’s not a coincidence that this LGBT-friendly move took place on the same day as Seattle’s 39th annual Pride Parade. The Mariners have a history of supporting gay rights in the past, but have reportedly never been asked to fly the flag. Meanwhile, the City of Seattle has been flying the gay pride flag over City Hall since June 1 to celebrate gay pride month.

“#Mariners make history, becoming first major professional team to fly Pride flag, today at Safeco Field,” TV reporter Chris Daniels tweets, along with the above picture.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz