mario-batali-atlantic-food-summit.jpgMario Batali isn’t exactly known for his demure language. Remember when he compared banks to Hitler and Stalin? Or when “The Chew” star responded to a Twitter critique of his food with some rather spicy language?

So it’s hardly surprising that Batali responded with vehemence when asked why he left his hit Food Network show “Iron Chef.” While on stage at the Atlantic Food Summit, he explains that he really loved the people he worked with and cooked with on the show. He says he enjoyed getting critique from people he respected, but when food experts were replaced by actors, he left.

Please be warned. This video contains strong language. Batali really, really wasn’t happy with actors saying they didn’t like his food, especially when they’re “skinny little actresses from a show called ‘The OC.'” Not bad enough? “F*** you,” he says. “Why are you talking about
my food?” Who let you in this room?” Well then. Ahem.  

Posted by:jbusch