142 2 Buh Bye, Eyebrows. Hello, Oscar?

It’s one thing to gain (or lose) weight for a role. Or dye your hair. Maybe wear a little rubber nose tip, like Nicole Kidman did to win a Best Actress Academy Award for "The Hours."

But would you shave off your eyebrows and your hairline? Yikes.

That’s just part of what young French actress Marion Cotillard, 30, had to do to transform herself physically to play Edith Piaf in "La Vie En Rose;" a tour de force performance that has already won her the Best Actress at the recent Hollywood Awards. And she’ll receive the Breakthrough Performance honors at the upcoming Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards.

But there was more to her astonishing performance than mere makeup. To read about how she came to understand and empathize with Piaf, not to mention learning to walk, talk and emote onstage like the tiny, tragic and often tyranical French icon, click HERE. Don’t miss the Red Carpet Rewind photo gallery of Oscar-worthy transformations, past and present.

Below, at the Hollywood Awards, Cotillard talks about how thrilled she is with the praise for her  performance. I bet it makes all that eyebrow shaving worthwhile.

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Picture House

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead