dark knight rises marion cotillard 03 Marion Cotillard coy about 'The Dark Knight Rises' role

You have to give Marion Cotillard some credit — in today’s spoiler hungry, fanboy crazed movie culture, the lady is trying to cultivate a sense of wonder and surprise.

MTV News met up with Cotillard on the red carpet at the premiere of “Contagion.” The MTV host, obviously an educated comic nerd, sneakily asked Cotillard if she based her performance on the comic books. Cotillard very quickly (and with an air of preparation) gave the correct answer – her character is NOT from the comics. Allow us to elaborate.

According to reports, Cotillard will be playing Miranda Tate, a board member at Wayne Enterprises; more importantly, a character of director Chris Nolan’s creation. But 99% of the Internet speculates that Cotillard is, in fact, playing Talia Al Ghul, the daughter of Liam Neeson’sBatman Begins” villain, Ra’s Al Ghul. This rumor picked up more steam when it was announced that Neeson would be shooting scenes for the highly anticipated sequel. 

The host continues to press Cotillard who, with the faintest hint of a smile, denies denies denies until the host drops it. We would expect nothing less than a convincing performance from an Oscar nominee, but why don’t we believe you, Marion? 

Catch up on your Al Ghul heritage here and check out the interview below.

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