mariska hargitay baby mother adoption ellen degeneres Mariska Hargitay shares baby joy and adoption story on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'This October, “Law & Order: SVU” fans were pleasantly surprised to hear that Mariska Hargitay had adopted her third child, a son named Andrew Nicolas Hargitay Hermann. It was particularly shocking given that Hargitay and her husband, Peter Hermann, had just adopted their daughter Amaya Josephine less than six months earlier.

This week, Hargitay stopped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to promote the incredible upcoming episodes of “Law & Order,” and she shared a bit of her family’s heartwarming story.

“We got a call out of nowhere from our lawyer, who said, ‘We have this amazing little boy and this amazing opportunity,'” Hargitay, who also has a five-year-old son named August, tells DeGeneres. “It was just one of those things that we were not expecting at all, and my husband and I looked at each other and have never been more sure about anything, and knew it was just right.”

The adoption process is often arduous and complicated; it takes some families years before they find a child to welcome into their home. Hargitay says that though the experience was more lengthy when they adopted Amaya, the process took only two days for Andrew.

“It was very different with my son; it all happened very quickly, and that’s not usually how it happens,” she says. “I would say usually it takes the same about of time it takes for a baby to grow in your belly. With my daughter it took months and months, and with my son it was…truth be told, it was two days.”

She’s not without incredible gratitude, nearly getting choked up as she told the story. “This year has been a year of true blessings,” she says.

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie