mark hamill july 2011 getty Mark Hamill celebrates 60th birthday: Luke Skywalker still going strongYes, Luke Skywalker turns 60 today! Iconic actor Mark Hamill hasn’t done extensive film work since the phenomenon of the original “Star Wars” trilogy, but his career has remained steadily successful.

“Star Wars” fans may be surprised to know that Hamill has voiced such diverse characters as Turtle from “My Friends Tigger & Pooh,” Stickybeard from “Codename: Kids Next Door,” and several roles in Seth Green’s “Robot Chicken.”

This fall, we’ll see him in a new role on the “Chuck” final season premiere. He’ll play Jean-Claude, a wealthy thief who tangles with Zachary Levi’s title character. “It was a blast!” executive producer Chris Fedak tells TV Guide. “We couldn’t be
more excited to have Mark join us. He’s the perfect combination of funny
and villainous to get us started with Season 5.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie