mark harmon certain prey Mark Harmon stalks 'Certain Prey' in USA movieIf you’re used to seeing Mark Harmon as the fairly buttoned-down Jethro Gibbs in “NCIS,” you may be in for a slight shock Sunday night on USA.

Harmon stars in the cable channel’s original movie “John Sandford’s Certain Prey” as Lucas Davenport. The character is the deputy police chief in Minneapolis and an aficionado of, among other things, hot cars, women and well-cut suits. (As we said, he’s not exactly in Gibbs territory here.) The movie, based on a novel in Sandford’s best-selling Davenport series, debuts at 9 p.m. ET Sunday (Nov. 6).

The movie follows Davenport’s investigation of the death of a lawyer’s wife and subsequent shooting of a police officer. FBI agents who descend on the case think it’s the work of a hitwoman (Tatiana Maslany), and Davenport soon discovers that defense lawyer Carmel Loan (Lola Glaudini, and yes that’s really the character’s name) might be involved as well.

“Certain Prey” was written and directed by Chris Gerolmo (“Over There,” “Citizen X”), and from the looks of the teaser below could be a pretty fun way to spend a Sunday evening. Its premiere follows a day-long “NCIS” marathon on USA, so if you don’t get your fill of Harmon on Sunday it’s pretty much your own fault.

Take a look at the teaser. Will you be watching “Certain Prey”?

Posted by:Rick Porter