mark sanchez benched death threats jets gi Mark Sanchez benched following death threats, Tim Tebow still won't start

Monday was not a good night for Mark Sanchez — much like 2012 has not been a good season for the Jets.
During Monday night’s losing game against the Tennessee Titans, a crazed fan took to Twitter to post a barrage of death threats against the beleaguered quarterback. Yahoo Sports reports the genius — who was clearly looking to make a name for himself by addressing some tweets to Fox News — made specific threats that he would kill Sanchez at this week’s practice. 
“Don’t come to practice Wednesday I promise you bullets everywhere,” the suspect tweeter wrote to Sanchez. The person, whose twitter account has been removed, also addressed the Jets, “Sanchez better have armed security at practice !! You think imma sit here and watch this bull**** ?”
After the game, came the news that Sanchez is benched — because apparently Jets head coach Rex Ryan believes in the “better late than never” approach. Ryan now provides the “WTF” moment of the season, announcing Tuesday he plans to start Greg McElroy — the third string QB — instead of Tim Tebow.
This bizarre decision will surely prompt conspiracy theorists to wonder if there is some behind the scenes payoff being offered to keep Tebow off the field. Because, really? McElroy? Really.
ESPN reports Ryan has no good explanation for the mysterious move, telling reporters, “I can answer this question a million ways — frontward, backward, sideways, anything else. It’s my decision and I based it on a gut feeling or whatever.”
Whatever, indeed.
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