Olympic gold-medal-winning swimmer Mark Spitz opened up to Us Weekly about that scandalous photo of eight-time gold-medal-champ Michael Phelps smoking a bong at a college party.

"As strictly a fan, I feel badly for Michael and the situation he has put himself in," Mark Spitz tells Us. "I think no one would wish this on anyone, especially the person that gave us a summer like no other in 2008."

Ashtonkutcherbong Michael Phelps admits to smoking pot in a bong!

And jumping into the Defend Phelps circle, Ashton Kutcher weighed in on his Twitter account with this pithy comment.

"God forbid he hit a bong. Ask your 22-year-old kid what they did last weekend.”

Hmm. Maybe we should ask Ashton what he did last weekend.

Was Phelps out of line? Dumb? Did he let down his fans?

Or was he just acting like a normal young man with all his recent indulgences into strippers, wild Vegas pool parties, booze, and now illegal drugs?

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Photos: Michael Phelps kicks back at the Bacardi Mojito Suite at the ESPY Style Studio. Ashton Kutcher wears a stoner hat.


Posted by:Elizabeth Snead