mark wahlberg guys choice Mark Wahlberg, brothers to serve up Wahlburgers at new restaurantt turns out Mark Wahlberg isn’t just a successful actor, producer and amiable target of “SNL” skits. He’s also a restaurant entrepreneur with an Italian restaurant already open in Boston.

Now he and his brothers, fellow actor/musician Donnie and chef Paul, plan to add a new eatery to their roster: Wahlburgers. This according to the Boston Herald.

The restaurant, which will be helmed by Paul will serve up — umm — burgers at Boston’s Hingham Shipyard, across from the group’s other restaurant, Alma Nove, named after their mother.

That’s right. Say hello to your mother for me.

We’ve taken the liberty of coming up with some names and concepts for future restaurants in the Wahlberg empire:

Marky Mark’s Funky Brunch: Good vibrations for breakfast.
Planet of the Grape Leaves: Greek, obviously.
The Lovely Boneless Ribs: This could fill a huge void left by the McRib off-season.
New Kids on the Bok-Choy: Asian fusion. Feel it!
I Heart Huckabeets: Hedging their bets with a vegan joint.
The Italian Job: So perfect, it didn’t even need a pun.

Jeff Anderson contributed (humor) to this report.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson